List of Publications

1Leveraging HPC Profiling & Tracing Tools to Understand the Performance of Particle-in-Cell Monte Carlo SimulationsWilliams, J. J., Tskhakaya, D., Costea, S., Peng, I. B., Garcia-Gasulla, M., and Markidis, S. PDF
2Optimizing BIT1, a Particle-in-Cell Monte Carlo Code, with
OpenMP/OpenACC and GPU Acceleration
Williams, J. J., Liu, F., Tskhakaya, D., Costea, S., Podolnik, A., and Markidis, S.PDF
3Understanding the Impact of openPMD on BIT1, a Particle-in-Cell Monte Carlo Code, through Instrumentation, Monitoring, and In-Situ AnalysisWilliams, J. J., Costea, S, Malony, A. D., Tskhakaya, S., Kos, L., Podolnik, A., Hromadka, J., Huck, K., Laure, E., Markidis, S.PDF
4MPI Performance Analysis in Vlasiator: Unraveling Communication BottlenecksFaj, J., Williams, J.J., Peng, I.B., Ganse, U., Battarbee, M., Pfau-Kempf, Y., Kotipalo, L., Palmroth, M., and Markidis, S.PDF
5Non-Blocking GPU-CPU Notifications to Enable More GPU-CPU ParallelismElis B, Pearce O, Boehme D, Burmark J, and Schulz M.PDF
6Quantum Computer Simulations at Warp Speed: Assessing the Impact of GPU Acceleration: A Case Study with IBM Qiskit Aer, Nvidia Thrust & cuQuantumFaj J, Peng I, Wahlgren J, and Markidis S.PDF
7Programming Quantum Neural Networks on NISQ Systems: An Overview of Technologies and MethodologiesMarkidis S.PDF
8Enabling Quantum Computer Simulations on AMD GPUs: a HIP Backend for Google’s qsimMarkidis S.PDF