Algorithms and Libraries for Extreme-Scale Plasma Simulations

The task of developing algorithms and libraries for extreme-scale plasma simulations is carried out by work package 3. The objective for Work Package 3, led by UoH, is:

“applying or adapting existing solutions for extreme scalability as well as developing new ones to address the software and algorithmic challenges of modeling plasma at exascale. ”

The following goals express the vision for Work Package 3 more specifically:

●       Progress in code development in specific focussed problem areas that are common bottlenecks of current HPC codes at scale

●       Document and share experience in these areas, to mutually benefit from the shared experience of all participating codes

●       In particular, the goal is to bring all codes’ baseline to the same level, gaining overall performance gains by skill-sharing in the specific areas of modern MPI usage, load balancing and resilience & fault tolerance.